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" I have become a MILLIONAIRE at 34 after I was shown an amazing business run from home with a computer and Internet access..."

That now makes me between a whopping £42,000-£69,000 EVERY MONTH..."

" I'm prepared to show You how to do exactly the same thing within 6 months And I am so confident that if it doesn't work...

I'll give YOU £200 cash GUARANTEED


Here's your chance to make some very serious money that you'll never have to work for anyone else ever again"




My name's Andrew Thompson and first of all before I go any further I'd like to be frank from the beginning. In the following letter I am going to show you how to make between £20,000-£25,000 PER MONTH within the next 6 months, which probably won't make you an instant millionaire overnight but I can guarantee you that it will make you extremely wealthy and all you'll need is any old computer, an internet access and an hour or so a day of your time...


You Have never heard of anything like this before!


It's important that you understand that what you are about to read is NOT something i've made up... NOT some theory that i've thought of or read in some self help book... This is a real business the cash in my bank account is real. So is this an internet business? And before you say, "Not another Internet business again", let me put your mind at rest immediately. You will make use of the internet but this is NOT an Internet business... NOT internet marketing... NOT email marketing... NOT affiliate programs... NOT some silly get rich quick scheme... NOT online auctions... NOT gambling... NOT MLM... NOT investments... NOT the stock market...


In fact I Guarantee you have never heard of this before. I haven't seen anyone, anywhere, reveal this before, even though I, and I'm sure others like me, are quietly banking £42,000-£69,000 EVERY MONTH by doing something which is ridiculously easy.


This is such an easy business that all it needs is any old computer, an internet access and about an hour a day of your time which will allow you to rake in between £20,000-£25,000 PER MONTH and if you do it right there's no limit to how much you can make. Don't believe me? Well in a moment i'm going to explain to you what exactly I do and show you a photo of me in the process of making this money, but first let me show you some of the recent figures that I have managed to bank:






And before you say it Yes I can Prove it! - My bank statement proves it. Click here to view my recent bank statement.


Now I know that it might sound like an awful lot of money to you and these figures might be difficult to grasp but I know how you feel because a few years ago I was exactly where you are and I couldn't imagine making £52,000 a year, let alone in a month.


I knew nothing about this before...



You have to understand that I was only shown how to do this for the first time a little over 2 years ago and I didn't even know how to use a computer let alone the internet, but that didn't stop me achieving a lifestyle that most people only dream of.


For example:

I've just moved into the first house that i've ever bought which happens to be an exclusive 6 bedroom home in Berkshire complete with a tennis court, swimming pool and a jacuzzi, a far cry from what I was used to, for the past five years I lived with my girlfriend in a faceless 2 bedroom mid terrace home, in one of those run down housing estates.




I've walked into a car showroom and to the amazement of the salesman paid cash for a top of the range fully equipped Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG.


I've taken 3 holidays already this year to the Caribbean and the far east. In fact I have so much time on my hands now that I'm thinking of taking another trip and this time to Australia.


Now please don't get me wrong. I am not telling you any of this to impress you. I mention this only to make you realise what is possible with this amazing business. Actually honestly speaking it's not the material things that this allows you to buy that's important but the feeling of being truly independent.


Please don't worry that I mentioned the Internet, because as I said, you'll just be making use of it (I'll explain this in a minute). All you need to know is how to access a web page... and if you don't even know how to do that, I'll show you.  It'll take you all of 10 seconds to master.


Indeed, I knew NOTHING about this Internet stuff, yet it hasn't stopped me averaging £10,500 - £17,250 EVERY WEEK over the last 6 months.


Amazingly ... and you're not going to believe this... but I've made all this money working just 1 hour a day 3 times a week from a spare corner in my home with two tools... a couple of newspapers and access to the Internet.



This is my Entire Business Operation...


Can you believe that my entire business was running from this desk and old personal computer lying in the corner of my bedroom?


Well it's absolutely true! 


The photo on this page is my entire business. Isn't it Classy?


Well no, it might not be classy I know, but it doesn't matter.  I make thousands of pounds every single week with that old computer and a few newspapers.


In fact, what you're looking at in that photo is me actually in the process of earning thousands of pounds. 


But Andrew, you're not in the photo!


Good point! Well, the truth is that I don't need to be working at that desk. At the time this picture was taken I was busy relaxing and enjoying myself in the beautiful sunshine doing what I most enjoy and the cash was automatically rolling in.


While most people are cooped up in their offices working a 9 to 5 job I was enjoying myself to the extreme.


Can you imagine waking up whenever you feel like? Not when the alarm clock tells you! Working whenever you feel like?

Going on holiday whenever you want to? 


It's just a completely different life and certainly far removed from my previous one. And now you can have the same lifestyle making 1/4 Million to 1/2 Million Pounds a Year



Would you like to give up your current job to make £200,000+ per year?


You know sometimes I have to pinch myself when I take a look at my bank statements.  I'm genuinely truly amazed at how you can go from nowhere to making between a £1/4 Million to £1/2 Million Pounds per year working so little.  It just doesn't seem right, certainly not compared to how I used to make my living!


And I still remember the day that I first bought this old computer, I thought of it as nothing more than a kind of fancy typewriter.  How things change! 


Now I look at it more like a cash dispenser which sits right here in my own home.  It's a wonderful feeling.


Andrew, this sounds great but what is it exactly that you do?


And more importantly, will I be able make these kind of returns every month?


Well to answer the latter question first, YES YOU CAN DO THIS... I can do it... you can do it... anybody can do this!  As for exactly what I do, that I'll talk to you in detail and it will become clear to you in just a second.


I'll also show you how you can also bank £20,000-£25,000 per month yourself. Fair enough?



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Right, let me tell you how I came to know about this;


I started off working for a Telephone company...


Well not too long ago I was working for a Telephone company with an average wage and an average lifestyle. I got up early in the morning, went to work then came back late in the evening and went to bed. This process was basically repeated week in week out only having a few days off at Christmas.


I was so tied down that I had absolutely no time for my family or friends... I was basically working to pay off my bills...I had absolutely no savings just increasing debt.


Now I don't want to give you a rags-to-riches story because that's not exactly what happened. To be honest i've never been desperately poor before but I was in no way well off either.


And just like so many people who find themselves in the same type of situation I had a big Mortgage... Increasingly high bills every month... and credit card debt that just kept piling up.


I was living in a tiny mid terraced homes which was located in one of those typical faceless housing estates... I didn't even own A car because I was using the one the company had provided me with.


Yet even to live in such an average lifestyle I was having to spend every penny of the money I had earned from my full time job and just couldn't save anything.


I was tired and frustrated so I gave up my job... the money... the car... everything...


Yes, it's true I was making a decent enough living, but I was neither free nor happy. That really hit me on returning home one day from a long day at work. On my drive home I had a lot of time to think.  I thought, "what the hell am I doing with my life?"


When I really thought about it, I was no better off then the average person. I had no real money to hand. 


In the end it all got to me.  I really had had enough of the working life.  I was tired, burnt out and just hankered for a less stressful life.


So I just woke up one day and decided to give it all up.  I walked away from my job... from my expense account... from my company car... and from the so called 'safety net'.


Yes I had a mortgage, credit card bills and a family to take care of, but I just couldn't stand it a second longer. Instead I decided to look for something else.



I needed to make more money


I really needed to increase my income which is why I was prompted to look around for an alternative... an easier way to make money if you like


Now I won't bore you with all the different things that I actually looked into, but I can say that for a period of about 8 months I have explored every imaginable opportunity available.


I tried everything that was available... and it just didn't work! So how did I get to between £42,000-£69,000+ per month?

And I can promise you I tried everything, email marketing; online auctions; internet marketing; online gaming; ebooks; internet publishing... the lot!  I even listened to virtually every so called Internet 'guru' on the planet.


But it got me nowhere. And I mean absolutely nowhere!  Others may have been making money, or at least that's what they said they were doing, but I couldn't!  It was all so terribly disappointing.


I was beginning to think that I was just plain unlucky...


After a few months however I begun to think that perhaps I'd just been an idiot.  That I was simply following an impossible dream, because I was getting absolutely nowhere in my search.

Even now when I hear someone mention the 'Internet' and 'making money' in the same sentence, I groan to myself... and with good reason.


So how did I go from this dead-end position... to banking over £10,500 in my first month.


A figure which has now grown to over £69,000 in a month?


Well I'd like to say by a stroke of genius from me, but the truth is it happened by absolute shear ruddy luck.



You would have never guessed it but he was a multi-millionaire... and he showed me this..


About 2 years ago I was luckily invited by a friend of mine to a private meeting of entrepreneurs. It was here that I met a quiet and very confident gentleman. He basically told me that years ago he had found an alternative way of making money which allowed him to bank thousands of pounds every month.


All he was doing was that he was sourcing products and sending them to people who are anxious to buy them. And remember he did not even make the product.


This man had a perfect lifestyle;


He spent a few hours a week working from home... and made thousands of pounds a week, his life was finally complete


He worked whenever he wanted under nobody... He never commuted or stressfully rushed around Although now semi retired he still has the freedom and time to really enjoy his life... and he's still banking thousands of pounds every month.


I was truly fascinated with what he was saying as I could relate to so much of it; How he hated the corporate world... the bosses... and the stress!

he was telling me how he'd just made himself over £1.1 Million Pounds in the last 12 weeks.  And do you know how much 'work' he had to do to achieve this?  Just a couple of hours PER WEEK!

I was Inspired but I was even more sceptical, all those years working for a company, I was cynical of the 'lazy' way to make money. I had been seriously disillusioned, by my own previous business ventures.


Towards the end I managed to sit down with him, and we talked for a very long time! Finally, after strong words of encouragement he removed most of my doubt and proved it to me... He took out his laptop computer and showed me all of his processed orders and all the cash that he had banked.

I was basically convinced but sadly I did a big fat nothing for a few months until he later called me to his home for tea.


His house finally convinced me...the sauna... the swimming pool... the gym room... the £30,000 entertainment system... the Aston Martin Vanquish parked outside... It was absurd I had to act!



All he showed me was a Newspaper and a Simple Website...


We sat down and talked for ages and during the conversation he took me to his study.


Then right in front of me he placed a newspaper and opened it to a certain section... it was a national newspaper if I recall.  Then he turned to his computer and typed away for a few seconds before turning the screen towards me. 


In the newspaper he circled a few particular lines of text... about 4... and showed me a particular single one-page web site on his computer monitor which related to what he'd shown me in the newspaper.


"Andrew, Its this ordinary national newspaper and this simple website that I've got in front of you now, that can make you a consistent £20,000+ per month... month after month..."


And it was at this point that he proceeded to introduce me to a simple way to make money which has just worked brilliantly for me since the day I started.



You run the Ad on a Friday... and the cash starts coming in by Monday... that's it!


It was in his study at his house that he explained to me how a few individuals use newspapers and magazines, along with Internet access, to make considerable incomes right from their own homes.


In the example he was showing me, he explained how every Monday morning, these people would awake to find that something they had done on a Friday night... and checked in the paper on a Sunday... would have produced a profit by either Sunday night or Monday morning leaving the rest of the week as PURE PROFIT!


He did say that although these numbers seem small on a daily basis, over a year they'll add up to between £1/4 Million to £1/2 Million Pounds in your bank!

He also showed me how the little you needed to invest to start off would bring in around fivefold
in days... tenfold in 2 weeks. 


In other words, for a £100 investment, he'd expect £500 back in a couple of days.


But over a 2 week period, from that same £100 investment, he'd expect it to grow to around £1,000.


He also explained how the next Friday, those doing this would simply repeat the whole process the following week.  Of course, results would vary, but each week generally a good profit was being shown.


Furthermore, these same people worked when they felt like it.  He estimated for just two or 3 hours each day.  Though I have since found that an hour a day will suffice.


He also added that there are other ways that you could use either, instead of the newspapers or combining them with the newspapers for an even bigger income, which I will explain to you in detail. But, personally I prefer using just the papers its much easier for me as most of my time is spent doing what I want.


Would you like to unwind on a beach listening to the waves?


Now he did explain to me that unlike him, this on its own wouldn't make me a millionaire, but £5,000 Per Week was certainly well within anyone's reach. He also showed me how and why when you started to make this money it wouldn't just be a flash in the pan... it would be consistent.


Little did he know that I would become a millionaire just like him!


So okay I admit, you might not become a millionaire in a year doing this, but then again earning up to £25,000 Per Month, within 6 months, working a few hours a week from home, isn't bad is it?


It's certainly enough to make a huge difference in most people's lives. Imagine making £20,000-£25,000 a month yourself... and having all the time in the world to actually enjoy it. 


If nothing else it's going to free you from debts, clear all your bills and give you peace of mind for the rest of your life.


So yes, a fortune it may not be, but it's certainly enough to improve most people's lifestyle quite considerably.



Think about it.  It could mean moving to a better home... getting a new car... and living some, if not all of your dreams.


For example, like me you'd have the money to holiday in far more exotic locations rather than, say, going on a package deal to the Med. 


For instance, you could instead stay in the presidential suite at a luxurious and exclusive resort in the Caribbean.


Here you could relax in complete privacy and seclusion in your own sumptuous villa... a villa which even stands in its very own concealed cove for your own personal use.

You'll have two large private swimming pools all to yourself... you'll have your own private spa pavilion... you'll even have your own totally secluded outdoor sunken baths and Jacuzzi's.


Just imagine that... relaxing in a sunken bath on a warm balmy night as you unwind under the stars.


The point is, that though a few thousand pounds extra per month may not be a fortune, if you think about it, it makes you realise that it sure is enough to change your life for the better.


Which is why I sincerely hope you can imagine making £20,000-£25,000 per month in the next 6 months because it's what's happening to me now and what I am now about to show you how to do.


Before you tell me Andrew, if it's so good, why would he TELL you any of this?  And why actually TEACH you how to do it?


I must admit I did wonder that myself at first.  But as it turned out there was no big secret.  It was just a case of simple mathematics.


You must understand, this guy is making several HUNDRED thousand pounds a MONTH and it's just not worth his time doing something which could make him say £25,000 per month, when he could be making ten times that on his main business.


And as he explained to me, he already has enough money to retire and never do a day's work for the rest of his life. He makes more than enough as it is and enjoys his freedom. He can't see the point in making all that money if you haven't got the time to enjoy it. And frankly, I agree with him.


In addition to this, there was a second reason why he taught me how to do this.  He has a strong philosophy that you should always put 'something back into the pot' as it were.


So though he 'showed' me this, he would only 'teach' me how to do it if I agreed that when I started making £20,000 a month... which he told me I'd achieve within 6 months... I'd teach this to a handful of other individuals.  I guess he also wanted to see just how serious I was.


I followed his model from A to Z and it produced exactly what he said it would do...


Well the long and short of it was that I agreed.  So in return he taught me how to make more money in a month than many people make in a year... and doing it working far less hours per week then most people work in a single day.


I decided to test it out I knew I had nothing to lose.


Did my little test work?


Better than I could have possibly imagined. In fact, within days I was well into profit by a few hundred pounds.  And by the end of the first month the little I'd invested had grown to exactly £11,263.


It was just about the first thing I ever tried which actually worked for me. Well you'd think that was all the convincing I'd ever need, but I was still a little wary.


So the following month I decided to test it out once more. Again I followed the same simple procedure. This time I took exactly £6,032 for the month!


Hmm, time to really go for it?  Well you'd think so wouldn't you, but being ever cautious I decided to test it again.  This time I took £8,320.

No not as good, but as I said, results will vary and this was just a little test after all... besides it was well within the £3,500-£7,000 per month I was told I could expect with such a test.


So in September last year, I rolled it out properly.  The result was that I immediately leapt from the £6,000-£11,000+ level I'd been achieving to over £19,000... £19,420.73 to be precise.


A few months further on from that I was banking over £30,000 per month ... whilst today I've now reached up to almost £70,000 in a month.


Which is why today my life is so different and why I just know yours could be too.  Like me you could get up when you wanted... work when you wanted... go shopping when the shops are empty... take the day off, the week, even the month off whenever you felt like it etc.


I've also since found that his estimations had proved pretty accurate.  Though many weeks I've even done far better than he thought a typical week would be. 


For instance, here's an ACTUAL week of mine just a few months after I started:



My Actual week


Total For Week


As I said, what I do is not going to make you a millionaire overnight, but small regular daily profits, which though do vary from week to week, can soon build up to a fairly comfortable income.


So what do I do that makes me Thousands of Pounds per Week?


All I do is I place about 20-35 words in a newspaper, which normally costs me less than £100... in fact sometimes, I even get this for free... and underneath those words I simply insert a website address (an example of a website address in case you don't know incidentally would be,


Not much is it? 


Well no it's not, but that's all I need to do to enjoy a brilliant income stream of what's been between £42,000-£69,000 a month.


Nice work isn't it?


Yes it is and you can do exactly the same... maybe far better in fact because I'm not exactly pushing the boat out to generate this money.

In essence, the few words I place in the newspaper are little more than a Website address.  Which is why I suppose you might call it a Website Ad


No fax number... no address... just one line of text and a web address.


Basically all that happens is that people see the Website Ad... check out the web site... which incidentally is just a one page letter... and from that a proportion of them send me a certain amount of money (I'll tell you why in a second).  And that's essentially how I've been averaging over £40,000 PER MONTH.


There are other ways you could advertise your product if you wanted to combine them with the newspapers for even bigger profits


I really do little else for it!


Just a few minutes on Friday and Sunday... and the rest of the week I watch my profits come in...


In my case, each Friday I make a couple of calls (or emails) to place these 'Website Ads'.  This gives me the time to ensure that each will appear just once... in the Sunday or Monday edition of that newspaper.  And that's it for the rest of the week.


.      Whatever I spend on advertising comes back to me fivefold in a few days in other words, a little Website-Ad that costs me just £60 can bring in 5 times that in just 3 days...

.      And it comes back to me tenfold in less than 2 weeks... or to put it another way, a little ad that costs me just £60 often brings in £600 within 10 days...

.      The Website Ad I run on Sunday has paid for itself by Monday lunchtime leaving the rest of the week as pure profit (and many times by Sunday evening)...

.      In fact, I haven't even so much as paid for the ad by the time the money has come in...

.       And best of all, if I want more income I just place more ads...


It's just an incredibly simple way to make a living. Think about it.  You place a website address in the paper, which costs between £60-£150 a week and from that you're making up to £25,000 a month.


There's just something magical about being able to put what's little more than a simple web address in a publication of some sort and a few days later making lots of money from it. 


Sometimes I still can't get my head around it especially after years of hard graft in the corporate world. I just find it incredible what can be achieved for so little work. 


Okay, but I know what you're thinking now.  How exactly do I make money? In other words, why do total strangers I've never met or talked too, send me money every day of the week as a result of my tiny little Website Ad?


The cash pours through the post every morning...


Quite simply they send me money because I have something that they want.


You see what I was shown by that wealthy individual, was how to make a lot of money from certain products by simply placing a one or two line web address in a magazine or newspaper. 




Don't get worried by the term 'products', 'web site', or even 'ad' come to that.  None of what I do is difficult in the slightest.


In fact, if you knew what I actually did, you'd laugh.  And by the time I've shown you how to do this, you'll be... well, shall we just say... very confident of making somewhere between £20,000-£25,000 a month.


Take me, I've never had my own product... and when it comes to the Internet, well, I don't even know how to put a Web site on the Net let alone create one.


As for placing an ad in a magazine or newspaper (even if it is little more than a Website address), well I'd never done anything like that before either.


Yet none of this is a problem:

.        First of all there are hundreds of products which are suitable for this that are available if you know where to look. In fact, I'll show you exactly how and where to get your hands on as many products as you want.

.       Secondly, you will never need to know how to create a Website anyway.  

.       And thirdly, placing a Website-Ad is a piece of cake... you can do it in seconds by email or fax if you want (and it's cheap).


£1/4 Million - 1/2 Million Pounds From Just 1 'Extinct Product'...


Once again, take me.  I've been making several thousand pounds EVERY WEEK since the day I started with just ONE 'Extinct product' (I'll explain what that is in a second)... and with just ONE Website address.


It's just a very simple way of using the Internet to make a great living.  Yet it's totally overlooked by virtually everyone else. Instead, most people are spending hours at a time online. 


Mucking around with affiliate programs... trying to get a high placing in search engines... getting into email marketing... involving themselves in online discussion groups and newsgroups etc.


What is all that stuff any way?


Why bother when it's all so much easier to stick one Website address in any one of the thousands of newspapers or magazines that exist and stick one 1-page letter about the product on the Web (and even this you don't need to do yourself)?


There's NO Internet advertising... NO email marketing... NO search engine placements... NO fiddling around with online auctions... NO newsgroups... NO Internet business to set up... in fact, there's nothing complicated at all. 


Instead you just stick your Website-Ad in a suitable publication.  People then see your Website address, go to your web page and click on the order button if they're interested (this is all set up for you by the way). 


They can then choose to either pay directly online, or send you the money in the post.


And that's it.  All you keep doing is repeating the same ridiculously simple process week after week.  It's really a piece of cake and is amazing how much you can make from such small amounts.


For the online orders, these are automatic.  Almost everyday I get emails confirming that I have a 'New Order Received' and that the money's been deposited into my account.



The picture above shows an actual screen shot I've taken from my computer.  Doesn't look much does it? 

Yet from just the tiny little screen shot you can see it amounts to more than £2,710.00 deposited into my account.


As for the other orders, I generally get them through the post every day.  In fact, I love this.  It's a wonderful feeling waking up each morning and opening envelopes full of cheques, postal orders and CASH!


But whether I receive money in the post or online, the next step's the same.  All I need to do now is send them the product they wanted (remember, I don't even produce the product).  Yes, I know it means a trip to the post office, but hey, it's not exactly taxing on the brain... and for upwards of £20,000 a month, I'm more than happy to do it.


That's all very interesting Andrew, but why are you telling me all of this?


Do you remember when I was first shown how to do this, the wealthy gentleman who taught me would only do so on the basis that I'd put 'something back' by sharing this with a few others?


Well quite recently I have created a business kit detailing everything that he has ever taught me as well as my own experiences in this business.  So as promised my business kit will reveal all my results and secrets that I was taught and it will show you EXACTLY how anyone could make a £1/4 Million a year from tiny little "Website-Ads".


.     I will show you how thousands of suitable products exist and where to get them.  Remember I've been banking around £7,000 PER WEEK starting with just one cheap little product. And even that product was what's known as an 'Extinct Product'...

.      What's an 'Extinct product'? It's a product that has already been around for a long time and been virtually 'sold-to-death' as it were.  Yet strangely the "Website-Ad" system enables anyone to still make money even from these. It's why it's so overlooked...

.      I'll show you exactly how and where to place "Website-Ads" etc...

.      I'll even show you how this will work from anywhere in the world in as many countries as you like.


That's why I've been able to write to you today.  I've just completed my 190 page business kit which is professionally created and showing you everything there is to know about my business and can be downloaded instantly


As part of my agreement, I thought the best and quickest way of sharing this with other people, would be to make public a limited number of my business kits.


So if you would like to review one of my business kits which will show you in the comfort of your own home how to make £20,000-£25,000 Per Month from simple Website-Address Ads, fill out the review form and you will be able to download it instantly. 


Oh, and don't worry, it's COMPLETELY RISK FREE to review it. 


As you'll have gathered, I am the original Mr Cautious himself.  I don't like taking risks, so I don't see why you should either.


But won't you create competition for yourself by sharing this kind of information?


Not at all.  Remember, there are many thousands of products out there... and it's growing all the time.  And that's not even taking into account the infinite number of so called 'Extinct products'.


Add to that equation the fact that there are millions of people joining the Internet every month. Forrester Research report showed that online spending was £76.3 billion in 2004... and it's projected to grow to £166.3 billion in 2010 so, you get some idea as to the full potential of what you are staring at.


Bottom line?


Even if I wanted to, I couldn't possibly cope with the amount of business out there.  It's a human impossibility.  Remember, I have been making thousands every week with just one 'Extinct' product... with one ad.


I could show hundreds of people how to each make thousands of pounds weekly, and not affect my own earnings in the slightest.


Which is why I am more than happy to send you the business kit for your review.  Incidentally which also comes with a

Ready-Made Web-Starter Pack... FREE!



FREE:- 4 disc audio seminar CD set that people paid £3,995 to attend


I've managed to persuade the wealthy gentleman who taught this to me, to let me include one of his sold out Ultimate seminar 4 disc CD set in this Web-Starter Pack.


In this CD set he goes through great detail explaining how he started with a few pounds from home and how he grew his business into a multi million pound business empire.


You will not find this CD set on sale anywhere and is not to be missed!


Remember, this is the man who showed me how to get up to £25,000 a month within 6 months starting from scratch.  In fact, all I've ever done is what he told me to do to the letter... and to the letter it's always worked!

The CD set carries a value of £100 and is in mp3 format.


All of this is included in this 4 & 1/2 hour amazing 4 disc CD set:



His £75 Million business Empire

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And Much More......



FREE:- A Personal consultation with me as I show you how to get £25,000+ Per Month


How many chances in life do you get to be helped on a one-to-one basis directly by a Millionaire?  Someone who is currently banking over £69,000 Per Month!!


Really we both know it rarely happens. This could in fact be your one and only ever chance for the rest of your life... DON'T THROW IT AWAY!


This consultation carries a value of at least £500... that's what you'd have to pay to see me, if I ever have the time to see people as I have such a busy schedule nowadays travelling the world. Though in reality it's almost impossible to put a value on such a Consultation. 

As you'll have gathered by now, this business has changed my life, and I absolutely know it can do the same for you.  There's no reason you can't be on at least £20,000 per month working just an hour a day fairly quickly


And I think once you actually examine my Business kit, sit down and listem to the seminar and see this business in action, you'll realise that too. 


You'll also realise that this really is a very simple system to understand and apply. However, though this business is ridiculously easy... I will still nevertheless provide you with a free consultancy from myself. 


This is an incredible opportunity for you to receive that step by step guidance.  Think about it!



FREE:- A Ready-Made Web Site Complete With Credit Card Processing



One of the questions I'm sure you had going through your mind was how do you create the Web site which forms part of this system.  Like me, maybe you know absolutely NOTHING about the Web... and you don't want to waste time learning.


Well as I mentioned earlier ... it's not a problem.  You don't need to create your own web site because I am going to supply you with an automatic website generator developed by the same man who created my website for me ... and I'm giving it to you COMPLETELY FREE!


This instant Web Site Maker is AMAZING! You just type in the words that you want and this powerful software automatically produces the web site for you. Not only that it even comes complete with links for credit card processing, tailored to the sorts of products that I will tell you about in a second, which means, like me, you can receive online payments automatically which will be directly credited to you without any hassle or need for card terminals.



FREE:- The Product Seeker- My Private Product Finder's Resource Guide



The other main query I know you'll have had is about products.


What products do you use?  Where do you get them from etc?


Well, in the business kit I explain this in detail.  In fact, finding products is almost too easy.  However, so you can start immediately, I am going to do something I've NEVER done before ... I'm going to include The Product Seeker- My Private Product Finder's Resource Guide.


These are the sources I personally use to find my own products ... and something I've spent the last year building up. It literally gives you access to thousands of products, virtually INSTANTLY!


To get an idea as to the value of my private resource guide in perspective, just bear this in mind:


In the last 10 months alone I've banked the following figures starting with just ONE 'Extinct' product:






And when I started I never had access to the thousands of products I'm giving you access to... just one product was all I had. Furthermore, just one Website-Address Ad site made me all this. Imagine what you could do with several products and several ads further down the line?

Once again it's difficult to place an actual value on this, so taking into account the time I spent sourcing these products for you, I've valued this at a minimum of £250 (very conservatively).






So How Can You Get To Review One Of the Business Kits & Ready-Made Web-Starter Packs valued at £1,100?


Well I thought the best thing for me to do was to offer a small number of people the chance to review the program in their homes for the kind of amount I'd personally consider fair. 


A figure not too low to attract time wasters as I don't have many sets... and I certainly don't want to waste my time as I'm offering to provide you with a free consultancy. 


Yet neither did I want to set the figure too high to discourage probably the very people that need this the most.


So the figure I consider fair all around is just £49.95 which I think is pretty generous for something which can not only make you, generally, between £20,000-£25,000 a month, but which comes complete with a ready-made Web-Starter Packs.


However, I should point out that I can only work with a small number of people on this, so it is purely and simply on a first come first served basis.


Which is why to secure the business kit & web-starter Review Pack I estimate that you'll need to order WITHIN THE NEXT 72 HOURS!


Oh and just in case you're wondering, YES, the £49.95 price DOES include the FREE £1,100 valued Web-Starter Pack which will include:


.       The FREE 4 disc CD audio set - £100 Value

.       The FREE Personal Consultation With myself how to reach between £20,000 to £25,000 Per Month within just 6 months - £500 Value

.       The FREE Instant Web Site Generator - £250 saving Value

.       The FREE Product Seeker- My Private Product Finder's Resource Guide -  £250 Value



Well I think that's a pretty good deal myself. However, no matter how good something sounds I do realise you don't know me from Adam and I'm very much aware of how I'd probably feel in your position. 


So to put your mind totally at rest about sending away for this, I want to give you the chance to review the Business kit & Web Starter Pack in your own home WITHOUT taking any risk or obligation whatsoever


So here's what I've done...


100% RISK-FREE 12 Month Money-Back Guarantee


If you don't think you can make money with this information, fine, just return it. I am so confident that this works I will give you a whole 12 Month guarantee, just return the business kit and web-starter pack and I promise to refund you immediately. 


There's nothing complicated... nothing difficult... no questions... no gimmicky rules.


Even if you do decide to return the business kit and web-starter pack, you are free to keep the Instant Web Site Generator AND the Instant Product Seeker- My Private Product Finder's Resource Guide.


Fair enough?  At the very worst, even if you returned the business kit, you'd still end up with over £500 WORTH of bonuses. In other words, I've literally removed all the risk so you really do have nothing to lose by at least taking a look.


Furthermore, If you use the Website-Address Ad business Kit for 1 year and find that for some reason it doesn't work for you that's fine because I'll also compensate you with a £200 Cash Cheque just for trying it out.


Review The Business kit & Web Starter Pack now and open a far better way of life for yourself and your family...


All you've got to do now is make a decision whether you want to really do something different... to really put an end to your money worries. So please, do think about this seriously.


It's not fantasy... this time 2 years ago I was in your position... I'd never done this or even tried anything similar before.  Yet I'm making up to £69,000 per month and all I'm doing is following a few simple set of rules which I'm going to teach to you.


Imagine what your life would be like right now if you could work when you wanted... do the things you wanted to when you wanted.  Free from the burden of debts and bills.


As I said earlier, you're not going to become a millionaire overnight with this, but you can quickly put tens of thousands of pounds into your account working little more than an hour a day.


And that CAN make a HUGE difference to the quality of your life.  Right now, for example if you had done this a few months ago, you could, as I alluded to earlier, be jetting off to an exclusive holiday resort somewhere in the Caribbean Islands.


Wouldn't you rather be relaxing on the powder white beaches of a paradise island, bathed in beautiful sunshine and watching the gentle turquoise waters of the ocean.


Wouldn't that be better then facing the rain and wind and struggling to get to work to a job which isn't really taking you anywhere?


Of course this might not be your personal dream, the point is, the money you can make and the change in your lifestyle, can really begin to open up a completely different world to you and those you love.


It'll be no good looking back in years to come and thinking, if only


When instead, by then you should be retired and enjoying life the way you want.


Now that's got to be worth at least taking the effort to find out about this, especially when all you've got to do is simply complete the Priority Website Address Ad Business Kit & Web-Starter Pack Review Order Form and you can download it instantly by clicking on the option below:   

For an Instant Download of the Business Kit & Web-Starter
Pack Complete The No-Risk Application Form:



Which just leaves me to say, "Thank You"... thank you, for taking the time to read my letter.  I genuinely really do hope you decide to at least take a look at this, simply because I know what it can do for you.


It's such a wonderful feeling being able to not just make upwards of £25,000 per month, but to actually have the time to enjoy it. That's what I'm really blown away by especially after having worked so hard in the corporate world all my life.


If nothing else it's going to free you from debts, clear all your bills and give you peace of mind to enjoy your life in the way you want.


So with that thought in mind, I leave you now and wish you the best in whatever you decide to do...



With my best wishes




Andrew Thompson


P.S. Remember, this is the first time this has ever been revealed. This is the ONLY business kit which doesn't just reveal how you can earn between £250,000-£1/2 MILLION p.a. from Website Address Ads working just an hour a day... but actually teaches you how to do it. 


P.P.S. You have NOTHING TO LOSE whatsoever.  Your are completely covered by our 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee.  Even if you decide that this is not for you, we will give you a full refund and you can still keep the Web site Generator package AND the Instant Product Finder - My Private Product Seeker's Resource Guide free... that's £500 value yours to keep regardless of what you do.


P.P.P.S. Don't forget, I only have a limited number of sets available.  Realistically you need to order within the next 1-3 days otherwise, this opportunity will be closed.


IMPORTANT UPDATE:- Finally, remember not only do I have a limited number of sets available but I can only work with a small number of people on this, I only have around 10 places left, so it is purely and simply on a first come - first served basis.


You are STRONGLY ADVISED to order WITHIN the next 72 HOURS. 

For an Instant Download of the Business Kit & Web-Starter
Pack Complete The No-Risk Application Form:



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